A Mission to Multiply

Developing leaders to start and strengthen churches

Developing leaders

Mobilizing movement leaders who are life long learners, emotionally and spiritually healthy, and dedicated to starting and strengthening gospel communities who are filled with grace and truth is the key to spreading the light of Christ throughout our region and around the world.  We work together to develop leaders through…

…Formal Coaching

…Ridder Church Renewal

…the Church Leadership Center

…Multiply Church Planter Training

…the Leadership Development Journey

Starting New Churches

Our 2025 vision for starting new churches:

By 2025 Parent Churches and Classes in partnership with Luminex (the missional arm of the Great Lakes Region of the Reformed Church in America) will have started and organized at least 25 new churches and will also have sent out at least 25 missionary church planters to under resourced and unreached people groups within the Region.

We work together to start new churches through…

…Serving, Supporting, and Sending Churches

…Collaborative Church Planting

…Partnering to fund new church planting projects

…Assessing, training, coaching and deploying church planters

…Consulting to develop church restarts, multi-site congregations, and outreach strategies

Strengthening Existing Churches

As churches grow and mature from church plants to vibrant missional congregations they face a number of challenges and changes.  Growing pains, cultural adjustments, contextualizing ministry in changing communities, the aging of the original core group, and pastoral transitions all call for reimagining the vision of a congregation.  We work together to strengthen these faith communities through…

…Transitional Ministry Services

…Congregational consulting

…Ridder Church Renewal

…Succession planning

…Outreach training and resources

7 Word Mission Statement – “Developing leaders to start and strengthen churches”

Luminex is the missional arm of the Great Lakes Region, Reformed Church in America.

The Great Lakes Region (also known as the Regional Synod of the Great Lakes) Is a network of churches in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities. Working together we develop and deploy leaders who start new churches and strengthen existing congregations to live out their calling to live and love like Jesus.