Three Needs that Every Church Can Meet

Whether your church is big or small, old or new, there are three needs that every person longs for and every church can meet.

On this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday Doug McClintic, Church Multiplication catalyst for Luminex, delves into these three needs – transcendence, significance, and community – and how every church can meet them.

The first, transcendence, is the need for grasp and grapple with questions about things beyond themselves and the meaning of life. To meet and satisfy this need, a church’s message can focus on spiritual matters of the truth and the gospel. And overall, this can help people see beyond themselves.

The second, significance, refers to inner questions searching for personal significance. “Who am I?” is the biggest question. To answer that question, the gospel tells us that we belong, body and soul, to our faithful savior, Jesus Christ. This helps people see who they truly are in Christ.

The third, community, refers to the need for real friends and deep connections. A church can provide people with true, authentic community regardless of their circumstance but based solely on who they are in Christ.

By acknowledging these longings and working to meet them, a church can provide their members with transcendence, significance, and community.

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