The RCA Triple Play – Whiteboard Wednesday Season 9: Episode 4

Have you thought about your church’s missional identity?

Do you know your church’s missional identity?

The RCA Global Mission team invites you to partner with them in journeying together to explore God’s leading for your church.

Watch this video to learn more, and to hear JP Sundararajan share three inspiring stories that are intertwined and point to God’s providence and call on His people to go and make disciples, even to the very ends of the earth.

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  • Thomas Johnson

    Nice job. I’m convinced that one measure as to whether a church is successful in its Gospel mission is if it is producing people who go out and do ministry, particularly full-time ministry. If no one in your church has ever become a pastor, a youth worker, a missionary, a Christian non-profit ministry worker, etc, it seems to me the full Gospel hasn’t been taken to heart.

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