Movement Leaders - Multiplying Churches

Making disciples and reaching new generations motivates our church planting efforts. We are here to come alongside you and your church as you multiply.

Become a Church Planter

We are looking for leaders who are eager to collaborate with like-minded believers and are devoted to spreading the gospel.

Help Your Church Start a New Church

We are searching for people who feel called by God to commit their time and energy to help strengthen, activate, and grow churches.

Church Planting Collaboratives

A Church Planting Collaborative entails three to five churches joining together to begin a new church. Churches that partner with other churches to plant are themselves strengthened, and enjoy the rich blessing of enabling people to enter into life in Christ, and the fellowship of believers.

Partnering to fund new church planting projects

We understand the financial realities of starting churches, and assisting churches during the critical first few years. That’s why we work closely with the RCA, Classes, parent churches, and supportive partners to establish a viable plan for new plants. And that’s why we personally invest in new church plants.

Assessing, equipping, coaching and deploying church planters

Our investment in church planting – and church plant pastors – extends far beyond finances. We are involved every step of the way – administering planter assessments to help ensure success, equipping planters for what lies ahead, providing ongoing coaching, and deploying planters to fulfill the call that Christ has placed on them.

Consulting to develop church restarts, multi-site congregations, and outreach strategies

Multiplication comes in many forms. We partner with leaders, churches, and Classes to launch fresh start churches, form multi-site congregations, and pioneer a variety of outreach strategies.

  • Some may move toward grace because they are afraid to hurt someone else’s feelings, or out of a desire to be liked. For them, it may be difficult to have the courage to speak the truth. But if we think about the kinds of communities we want to be a part of, and to help create, both grace and truth matter. It’s not grace OR truth. It’s grace AND truth.

    Scott Lokers Transition Ministry Catalyst
  • Consider a bicycle rider on a steep hill who starts getting tired. She does not say, “I think I’ll just stop pedaling for a while so I can rest.” No. Why? Because when we stop pedaling we don’t just maintain our position. When we stop pedaling, we lose ground. The same is true of Christians and the Church.

    John Messer Leadership Development Catalyst