LUMINEX LEARNING EVENT: The Church’s Role in Preventing & Responding to Domestic Violence

Did you know that survivors of domestic violence are more likely to disclose their experience with abuse to pastors and ministry leaders than any other helping profession?

Churches have a unique opportunity (and a pronounced responsibility) to help prevent and appropriately react to domestic violence.

As experts on domestic abuse – especially as it relates to issues of faith – Safe Haven Ministries works to equip the faith community to recognize and respond appropriately to this problem that does not discriminate according to age, race, ethnic origin, religion, or socioeconomic status.

With a goal of preventing the abuse cycle before it can even begin, Safe Haven is committed to working toward the elimination of domestic abuse, promoting knowledge and change one person at a time.

This Luminex Learning Event will equip pastors, leaders, and church members to prevent and respond to domestic violence. Don’t miss it!

CLICK HERE to register.

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