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Luminex Leadership Events

Luminex Leadership Events are offered at least quarterly, and are designed to inspire, encourage and equip leaders through visioning, huddling and skill building (VHS) sessions.

Multiply Church Planter Training

Our church planters are some of the most passionate, gifted leaders you will ever meet! We are blessed to journey with and help equip our Luminex church planters. Multiply Church Planter Training events are a staple of our ministry, and vital for encouraging and empowering leaders.

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Professional consulting and coaching has significant positive impact on the health and vitality of pastors and churches. Each of us on the Luminex team are blessed to walk with a variety of pastors and churches. We also assist pastors to find a coach, and encourage pastors to be a coach for others.

Leadership Development Pipeline

Challenged by developing leaders in your church? Luminex can help! Using an approach perfected by Auxano, we’ll guide you through the formation and implementation of a viable, sustainable Leadership Pipeline.

Younique Life Plan

Developed by Auxano, the Younique Life Plan is a powerful experience focused on personal calling for leaders and life planning for churches. John Messer is certified by Auxano and will guide you through the process.

Ridder: Churches Learning Change

When pastors and leaders are deeply transformed, whole churches follow suit. Ridder: Churches Learning Change has remarkable impact on churches that participate fully.

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Apprentice Process Series

Just about every church struggles with getting volunteers. But is there a better way? Thankfully, there is and it’s biblical. In this series of four online, video-based sessions, you’ll benefit from a simple approach for engaging people to grow into the leaders that God would have them become.

Apprentice Process, Session 1

Apprentice Process, Session 2

Apprentice Process, Session 3

Apprentice Process, Session 4