Ready. Set. Go!

The Luminex Church Planting Process
Step One: Hear the Call
Before any other steps can be taken, you must hear God’s call to start a new church. Is God calling you to collaborate with us in this disciple making mission?
Step Two: Be Assessed
Next, take the church planter profile online. Planter candidates who receive a 75% or better score will then be assessed using our best assessment tools. The planter candidate's spouse will fully participate in this process.
Step Three: Planning
Along with your Sending Church and other collaborating churches, assemblies and agencies you will develop a church planting plan that will be custom tailored for the community in which you will be starting a new church.
Step Four: Training
All of our planters participate in Multiply Church Planting Training. On top of that, we have quarterly Luminex Praxis gatherings to provide continuing training and networking with other planters.
Step Five: Gather
Next, it's time to gather your core group and begin evangelistic outreach in your community. We provide careful coaching and financial support so that this group can reach a healthy size before you launch weekly worship services.
Step Six: Preview
3 - 5 months before "going public" you will have a chance to field test your launch site. Monthly services and outreach activities will help to build your critical mass before launch. Developing commitment, realizing evangelistic fruitfulness and growing your web of relationships in the community are essential for a healthy plant.
Step Seven: Launch
Starting weekly worship services is the culmination of the planting process and just the beginning of developing a healthy new congregation! Milestones beyond launch include growing a strong leadership community, gaining long-term sustainability and multiplying your church into a family tree of new churches that will reach future generations.

We are always looking for church planters